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Diet History Questionnaire: Current Database File

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the original version of the DHQ. The latest version is the DHQ II. You may want to see the DHQ II version of this information.

The most current nutrient database file is dhq1.database.d031009.csv. If you are using the latest version of Diet*Calc, this database is automatically installed with the software. The items in the database are listed in Nutrient and Dietary Constituents and servings of Pyramid Food Groups. If you used a previous release of the database and would like to see what has changed, please see Database Revision History.

Using a Different Database File in Diet*Calc

The food database used in a Diet*Calc analysis is specified in the Questionnaire Data Dictionary. The name of the foods database file is displayed on the main Diet*Calc window under the Data Dictionary filename.

  1. Start or open a Diet*Calc session.
  2. Open the data dictionary editor by selecting Data Dictionary from the Edit menu or using the book icon in the toolbar.
  3. In the data dictionary, use the browse button to select a new Foods Database.
  4. Save the data dictionary. If you wish to use both versions of the database, you may want to use Save As to save the file with a new name.

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013