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Diet History Questionnaire: Scanning Information

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the original version of the DHQ. The latest version is the DHQ II. You may want to see the DHQ II version of this information.

Depending on the IT resources at your organization, you may be able to print and scan DHQ forms or you may need to outsource the printing and/or scanning. If you use an outside contractor, the costs involved will vary depending on whether you use NCI's version of the DHQ without changes or if you make modifications specific to your study. The following companies provide services for printing or scanning paper-based DHQ forms (any companies that would like to be added to this list should contact DHQ Technical Support). The requirements, benefits, and costs of each option are described in the sections linked below. In some cases, only NCI versions of the DHQ can be used.

  1. Optimum Solutions Corporation provides scanning services for the DHQ. Questionnaire files are provided that may be printed in-house or can be sent to a professional printer.
  2. Cardiff's TELEform Information Capture System can be used to create and print a scannable version of the DHQ. TELEform program files and PDFs are provided. The PDF files can be printed and sent to DocuTech for scanning.
  3. NCS Pearson provides scannable forms and scanning services for the DHQ. The forms may be scanned in-house, using a third party scanning company, or using NCS Pearson's scanning services.

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013