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Scanning Information: Cardiff's TELEform Information Capture System

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the original version of the DHQ. The latest version is the DHQ II.

Software, such as Cardiff's TELEform Information Capture SystemExternal Web Site Policy, is available to create and print a scannable version of the Diet History Questionnaire form. To create booklets, you may still need to hire a professional printer. Using TELEform, you will be able to scan the instrument with an imaging scanner (contact Cardiff for specifications).

To use the Diet*Calc software, you must create questionnaire data files in a fixed-width format (also known as fixed-column format). The fields in fixed-width files are not separated by a delimiting character. In fixed width files there are no commas, tabs, or other characters separating the fields. Rather, the fields are a specified length (that is, a specific number of columns).

Cardiff Technical Support indicates that TELEform is capable of exporting to a fixed width file with the use of BasicScript. However, you may find it easier to export data files in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. If so, you can use the conversion program provided to convert the CSV questionnaire data file to the fixed width format required by Diet*Calc. This program was designed and developed to address the specific problem with the TELEform exports and is not intended for other uses.

DHQ-1 2007 Files for TELEFORM - all files

The contents of the zip file are:

The files below are for researchers who have already conducted a study using the DHQ1.2002. If you are beginning a new study, use the DHQ1.2007 files in the above table.

DHQ-1 2002 Files for TELEFORM - all files

The contents of the zip file are:

  • Questionnaire (English) & Scanner Program
  • Conversion Program
  • Coding Information
  • Questionnaire Data Dictionary

A nutrient database is installed with the Diet*Calc software. Occasionally, updates to the nutrient database are made. Verify that you are using the current version of the nutrient database in your analysis.

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013