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Diet History Questionnaire: Cost Estimates


Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the original version of the DHQ. The latest version is the DHQ II. You may want to see the DHQ II version of this information.

Costs associated with using the DHQ involve printing and scanning. The software which analyzes data from the DHQ, Diet*Calc, is free. Typically, DHQ users have contracted with commercial vendors to create custom DHQ forms and provide scanning services. A few organizations have sufficient IT resources to develop and scan forms in-house (for example, organizations that distribute and analyze questionnaires for a large number of studies). A variety of commercial solutions are available for printing and scanning forms. For example, DHQ templates have been provided by DHQ users who have had success using Cardiff’s TELEform Information Capture System. Keyboard data entry can be an alternative to printing scannable forms and using scanners to capture the data, though it can be costly and error-prone unless your organization has effective data entry capabilities already in place.

If you use an outside contractor, the costs involved will vary depending on study size, and whether you use NCI's version of the DHQ without changes or if you make modifications specific to your study. The following companies provide services for printing or scanning DHQ forms (any companies that would like to be added to this list should contact DHQ Technical Support).

Modification Costs Printing Costs Getting Completed Forms to Vendor Scanning Costs
Optimum Solutions Corporation (OSC)
Modifications to the template used to scan completed questionnaires range in cost from $25 to $250, depending on the extent of changes. For example, adding or deleting questions on a page will affect all the subsequent pages. Therefore, changes made to the beginning of the questionnaire will affect more subsequent pages than will changes made at the end, thus incurring more cost. The cost per form is:
  • $3.00 for <500 forms
  • $2.50 for >500 forms
You distribute the forms, then collect them when completed. You send the completed questionnaires in batches of at least 100 forms to OSC for scanning.

A minimum of $500 will be billed for processing the forms. This will cover the cost of scanning 259 DHQ-1 forms.
Each additional form will cost $1.93.

Taxes are charged only to NY State clients.

NCS Pearson

Modifications to the software program used to scan completed questionnaires cost a minimum of $250. Depending on the number and extent of changes, the costs for modifying the scanning program will increase. For example, if you add a full page to the instrument, the cost associated with modifying the scanning program is estimated to be about $500.

Charges for changing the template used to print blank questionnaires are about $100/hour.

A minimum order of 2000 DHQ forms is $5,500. If using a modified questionnaire, printing costs change depending on the length of the instrument. You distribute the forms, then collect them when completed. You send the completed questionnaires to NCS Pearson for scanning.
  • $2.10 each for < 100 DHQs
  • $1.90 each for >100 DHQs
  • $50 to prepare the ASCII file required by Diet*Calc (one-time fee)

Last Modified: 11 Jun 2014