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The Applied Research Program Web site is no longer maintained. ARP's former staff have moved to the new Healthcare Delivery Research Program, the Behavioral Research Program, or the Epidemiology & Genomics Research Program, and the content from this Web site is being moved to one of those sites as appropriate. Please update your links and bookmarks!

Economics of Cancer & Cancer Trials

The Health Services and Economics Branch supports several activities related to the economics of cancer. These include developing data resources and methods to produce estimates of the Economic Burden of Cancer, developing detailed estimates of and determinants of The Cost of Cancer Care, and estimating The Cost of Cancer Care in Clinical Trials.

Data resources that can be used to support studies in these areas include the SEER-Medicare Linked Database and the Cancer Research Network (CRN).

Our bibliography of publications on the economics of cancer includes articles describing the results of studies on the economic burden of cancer and the cost of cancer treatment. Our bibliography of publications on research methodology includes articles that consider methodological issues in economic measurement and cost-effectiveness evaluation.

Summary data on the economic burden of cancer and the cost of cancer treatment is available in NCI's Cancer Trends Progress Report.

The Cancer Prevalence & Cost of Care Projections Web site shows data for cancer prevalence estimated and projected by tumor site through 2020. The site also shows national expenditures for cancer care projected through 2020.

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014