Description of Graph Titled: Conceptual Model for VAW, Effects on Life Trajectories, & Cancer Care Continuum in a Social Environment Fostering Disparities

This graph depicts a large oval encircling three labelled sections, which are joined by arrows.

A red oval surrounds a section labelled "Violence Against Women". The section reads: "Sexual, physical, psychological abuse (coercion/control)".

A thick arrow points from the "Violence Against Women" section to a section labelled "Cancer Care". Above the arrow is the heading "Social, Economic Environment Fostering Disparities", followed by four bulleted items: "Classism", "Racism", "Fatalism", and "Under-resourced or rural areas".

The "Cancer Care" section lists the following items, with arrows pointing from one to the next to indicate a progression:

The third section is called "Mechanisms". Three two-way arrows point between the "Violence Against Women" section and the "Mechanisms" section. Three one-way arrows point from the "Mechanisms" section to the "Cancer Care" section. The "Mechanisms" section lists the following phrases:

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