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Researcher Web Site System Requirements

Use of the ASA24 Researcher Web site requires:

  • a high-speed internet connection, such as cable, DSL, or FIOS; and
  • a monitor size of at least 10" (greater than 13" is recommended).

The use of computers with screen resolution set to 1024 x 768 is recommended. The width of columns on the data grids used to display information about a study and its participants may be smaller with other resolutions and on laptops. The width of the columns can be manipulated manually if necessary.

The Researcher Web site has been tested on:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, version 8 and higher;
  • Mozilla Firefox for Windows and OSX, version 6 and higher;
  • Apple Safari for Windows and OSX, version 4; and
  • Google Chrome for Windows, version 31.

ASA24™ is a trademark of HHS.

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014