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Publication Abstract

Authors: Harris JE, Chan SW

Title: The continuum-of-addiction: cigarette smoking in relation to price among Americans aged 15-29.

Journal: Health Econ 8(1):81-6

Date: 1999 Feb

Abstract: We studied the relationship between current cigarette smoking and price among 34145 respondents, aged 15-29 years, to the 1992-1993 Tobacco Use Supplements to the Current Population Survey. The price elasticity of current smoking varied inversely with age: -0.831 (S.E. 0.402) for ages 15-17; -0.524 (S.E. 0.256) for ages 18-20; -0.370 (S.E. 0.188) for ages 21-23; -0.202 (S.E. 0.175) for ages 24-26; and -0.095 (S.E. 0.157) for ages 27-29. In response to higher prices, older youth were more likely to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day than to quit entirely. Among 15-17-year-olds, smoking cigarettes 'some days' was more sensitive to price than smoking 'every day'. Cigarette smoking was inversely related to the prices of premium brands, but not discount brands.

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