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Publication Abstract

Authors: McMillen RC, Winickoff JP, Wilson K, Tanski S, Klein JD

Title: A dual-frame sampling methodology to address landline replacement in tobacco control research.

Journal: Tob Control 24(1):7-10

Date: 2015 Jan

Abstract: OBJECTIVES: We assessed the comparability of self-reported smoking prevalence estimates from a dual-frame survey with those from two large-scale, national surveys. METHODS: The Social Climate Survey of Tobacco Control (SCS-TC) obtained self-reported current smoking status via a dual-frame methodology in the fall of 2010. One frame used random digit dialling procedures and consisted of households with a landline telephone; the other frame consisted of a population-based probability-based online panel. Current smoking prevalence was compared with national estimates from the 2010 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and the 2009-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). RESULTS: 18.3% (95% CI 17.0% to 19.6%) of SCS-TC respondents reported current smoking. NHIS and NHANES estimates found 19.4% (95% CI 18.8% to 20.1%) and 20.3% (95% CI 18.7% to 22.1%), respectively, reporting current smoking. CONCLUSIONS: Prevalence estimates for cigarette smoking obtained from the dual-frame SCS-TC are comparable to those from other national surveys. A mixed-mode approach may be a useful strategy to transition cross-sectional surveys with established trend data to newer dual-frame designs to maintain compatibility with surveys from previous years and to include the growing number of households that do not have landline telephones.

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