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Publication Abstract

Authors: Ohsfeldt RL, Boyle RG, Capilouto E

Title: Effects of tobacco excise taxes on the use of smokeless tobacco products in the USA.

Journal: Health Econ 6(5):525-31

Date: 1997 Sep-Oct

Abstract: Data from the September 1985 Current Population Survey are used to estimate the effects of tobacco excise taxes and state laws restricting smoking in public places on the likelihood of current use of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco (ST) products (moist snuff or chewing tobacco) among males in the USA. The results indicate that higher ST excise tax rates are associated with a reduced probability of ST use, whereas higher cigarette excise tax rates are associated with an increased probability of ST use, holding other factors constant. State laws restricting smoking have no apparent effect on ST use.

Last Modified: 03 Sep 2013