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Publication Abstract

Authors: Barrington DS, Baquero MC, Borrell LN, Crawford ND

Title: Racial/ethnic disparities in obesity among US-born and foreign-born adults by sex and education.

Journal: Obesity (Silver Spring) 18(2):422-4

Date: 2010 Feb

Abstract: This study examines sex and education variations in obesity among US- and foreign-born whites, blacks, and Hispanics utilizing 1997-2005 data from the National Health Interview Survey on 267,585 adults aged > or =18 years. After adjusting for various demographic, health, and socioeconomic factors via logistic regression, foreign-born black men had the lowest odds for obesity relative to US-born white men. The largest racial/ethnic disparity in obesity was between US-born black and white women. High educational attainment diminished the US-born black-white and Hispanic-white disparities among women, increased these disparities among men, and had minimal effect on foreign-born Hispanic-white disparities among women and men. Comprehension of these relationships is vital for conducting effective obesity research and interventions within an increasingly diverse United States.

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