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Publication Abstract

Authors: Osuch JR, Anthony M, Bassett LW, DeBor M, D'Orsi C, Hendrick RE, Linver M, Smith R

Title: A proposal for a national mammography database: content, purpose, and value.

Journal: AJR Am J Roentgenol 164(6):1329-6

Date: 1995 Jun

Abstract: A national mammography database is a centralized, computerized method of data collection consisting of two possible parts: a national mammography audit and a system for monitoring and tracking patients. A national mammography audit refers to collecting and analyzing medical audit data of individual mammography practices at a national level and is a critical step in improving the interpretive component of mammography. The monitoring and tracking component refers to a centralized system that provides women and physicians with a recruitment and follow-up mechanism to optimize participation in mammography services. Both parts of a national mammography database represent important components in the improvement of mammography quality. However, unique scientific, legal, and fiscal concerns are important to consider before establishing a national mammography database.

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