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Publication Abstract

Authors: Stokes ME, Black L, Benedict A, Roehrborn CG, Albertsen P

Title: Long-term medical-care costs related to prostate cancer: estimates from linked SEER-Medicare data.

Journal: Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 13(3):278-84

Date: 2010 Sep

Abstract: Limited data are available concerning long-term prostate cancer (PCa)-related medical costs for use in assessing PCa prevention strategies. The aim of this study was to examine treatment, long-term survival, and long-term PCa-related costs by cancer stage. Costs in phases of care based on the natural history of PCa were also examined. Our data illustrate that initial care is characteristic of a rapid rate of cost accrual. This rate then decreases during continuing care. For terminal care, only stage IV resumes a rate of cost accrual similar to initial care. With average PCa-related costs of $18,168 observed over an average follow-up of 4 years, prevention strategies may result in a reduction in medical costs.

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