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Publication Abstract

Authors: Thompson FE, Moler JE, Freedman LS, Clifford CK, Stables GJ, Willett WC

Title: Register of dietary assessment calibration-validation studies: a status report.

Journal: Am J Clin Nutr 65(4 Suppl):1142S-1147S

Date: 1997 Apr

Abstract: A register of dietary assessment calibration-validation studies was created to improve communication between investigators, avoid duplication of effort, and identify gaps in knowledge. Calibration-validation studies were defined as investigations in which the participants completed at least two different dietary measurements. A questionnaire soliciting descriptive information about such studies was widely distributed. Completed questionnaires were received from October 1993 through September 1994 and the data from them were entered into a computer database. Preliminary individual reports were mailed to all contributors in September 1994 for revision or updating. Responses received by the end of October 1994 were incorporated into the database. A status report was published in December 1994. The report includes descriptions of 84 studies, 15 summary tables, and 6 reference indexes. Of the 84 studies included, 44 (52%) were conducted in North America, 35 (42%) in Europe, 2 (2%) in South America, 2 (2%) in Asia, and 1 (1%) in Australia. Sixty-three of the 84 studies (75%) used food-frequency questionnaires, 52 (62%) used food records, 35 (42%) used one or more dietary recalls, 11 (13%) used biological measures, and 8 (10%) used diet histories. Plans for maintaining and updating the register are being developed.

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