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Publication Abstract

Authors: Tollestrup K, Frost FJ, Stidley CA, Bedrick E, McMillan G, Kunde T, Petersen HV

Title: The excess costs of breast cancer health care in Hispanic and non-Hispanic female members of a managed care organization.

Journal: Breast Cancer Res Treat 66(1):25-31

Date: 2001 Mar

Abstract: The differences in costs for health care services between women with breast cancer and those without were estimated for Hispanic and non-Hispanic members of a managed care organization. A total of 317 cases of breast cancer and 949 controls were selected using a comprehensive patient database. All health care costs for the 4-12 months prior to the case's diagnosis and for the 12 months following the case's diagnosis were obtained. Costs were defined as charges to the health plan. Mean differences in total health care costs between cases and controls were predicted using Tobit models for 4-12 months prior to diagnosis and the year after diagnosis by age group. Compared to controls, women diagnosed with in situ breast cancers in all age groups had significantly higher health care costs 4-12 months prior to diagnosis. For women under 50 years of age, the difference in costs for cases compared to controls 12 months after diagnosis was almost three times greater for women with regional/distant disease ($17,093 +/- $1,559) compared to in situ disease ($5,089 +/- $1,050). For women in the two other age groups (50-70 years and over 70 years), the difference was over twice as great for those with regional/distant disease compared to those with in situ disease. Mean differences between cases and controls in health care costs 12 months after diagnosis were similar for Hispanic and non-Hispanic women for all stages of disease.

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