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Publication Abstract

Authors: Bourne DM, Shopland DR, Anderson CM, Burns DM

Title: Occupational disparities in smoke-free workplace policies in Arkansas.

Journal: J Ark Med Soc 101(5):148-54

Date: 2004 Nov

Abstract: This report summarizes trends in Arkansas to protect workers from the documented harm caused by secondhand smoke. We also examined whether employees comply with smoke-free policies. FINDINGS: While considerable progress has been made to protect workers from secondhand smoke, Arkansas workers report significantly lower rates of smoke-free policies than workers nationally and ranked 46th among the states in this important area of occupational health in 2001-02. Blue-collar and service workers in the state lag significantly behind their white-collar counterparts and men report lower rates of smoke-free policies than women. Once implemented, however, compliance with a smoke-free policy is nearly universal among working Arkansans.

Last Modified: 03 Sep 2013