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Publication Abstract

Authors: Cremer SA, Kessler LG

Title: The fat and fiber content of foods: what Americans know

Journal: 24(3):149-52

Date: 1992

Abstract: In light of the current public interest and media coverage, it is not surprising that Americans have generally been found to be knowledgeable concerning the relationship between fat and fiber and disease. However, the question remains as to whether Americans know which foods are high in fiber and low in fat. Realizing the importance of this knowledge to people's ability to act on current dietary-health messages, the Department of Health and Health Services (DHHS) set a goal that, by 1990, 70% of the population would be able to identify foods that are low in fat and/or good sources of fiber. The present study assesses Americans' knowledge of fat and fiber content if different foods and is, therefore, a measure of current progress towards this goal. Using data from the 1987 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS '87), an assessment was made of Americans' understanding of the fat and fiber content of a number of commonly eaten foods. Additionally, fat and fiber knowledge were analyzed by various demographic characteristics in an attempt to identify subgroups that might be specifically targeted with aggressive nutrition education efforts.

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