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Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation Register
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Welcome to the Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation (DACV) Register, a register of calibration/validation studies and publications. The register contains studies and publications which compare dietary intake estimates from two or more dietary assessment methods. Dietary assessment methods include:

  • Food records or diaries (including weighed intakes)
  • Dietary recalls
  • Food frequency questionnaires (FFQ's)
  • Dietary histories
  • Observed intakes
  • Chemical analyses of duplicate collections of foods consumed
  • Biological assessments (e.g. doubly-labelled water, plasma carotene, etc.)

The following is a list of studies that are not included in the register:

  • Food composition studies
  • Studies which assess only household and not individual food consumption
  • Reliability studies (studies which administer the same method at multiple times)

The following is a list of publications that are not included in the register:

  • Abstracts submitted to conferences
  • Publications that only review or comment on other work

The history of this effort dates back to 1993 when the idea for creating such a register was suggested at the First International Conference on Dietary Assessment in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Development and maintenance of this site is a collaborative effort between the Division of Cancer Prevention and the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences of the National Cancer Institute. It has been developed as a means of keeping the international nutrition and health community aware of calibration/validation studies on dietary assessment methods being conducted worldwide.

Last Modified: 03 Sep 2013