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The Applied Research Program Web site is no longer maintained. ARP's former staff have moved to the new Healthcare Delivery Research Program, the Behavioral Research Program, or the Epidemiology & Genomics Research Program, and the content from this Web site is being moved to one of those sites as appropriate. Please update your links and bookmarks!

Changes between DHQ I & DHQ II

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the DHQ II, which is the latest version of the DHQ. The Web site for the original version is also available.

Food questions that have been added or modified to DHQ II

  1. Milk: A separate question on chocolate milk, whole or reduced fat.
  2. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers: Question on burgers from fast food places or other restaurants added, regular or cheeseburgers.
  3. Cooked breakfast cereals: Added a sub-category for oatmeal, grits, other cooked cereals with fat added.
  4. Fish and seafood category: split into three subcategories.
    • Salmon, fresh tuna, trout;
    • Shellfish - Fat added/ No Fat Added; and
    • Other fish - Fat added/No fat added.
  5. Iced tea: Added a sub-category on presweetened iced tea - diet/regular.
  6. Orange/grapefruit juice and other juices: calcium fortified questions added.
  7. Added questions for:
    • Pineapple;
    • Mango;
    • Asparagus;
    • Winter squash; and
    • Carrot juice.
  8. Yogurt : Subcategorized into whole milk and low fat/ non fat varieties.
  9. Egg whites and Egg substitutes: Combined to egg whites/substitutes.
  10. Cheese: Subcategorized into regular and low fat/non fat varieties.
  11. English muffins/bagels: Subcategorized into white and whole grain varieties.
  12. Lettuce: Subcategorized into dark green and not-dark-green varieties.
  13. Potato chips: Subcategorized into regular/reduced fat or non fat (eliminated Olestra varieties).
  14. Corn chips: Subcategorized into regular/reduced fat or non fat.
  15. Salad dressing: Subcategorized as regular or lowfat/fat free.
  16. Mayonnaise: Subcategorized as regular or lowfat/fat free.
  17. Margarine: Subcategorized as regular or lowfat/fat free.
  18. New list of choices for artificial sweeteners:
    • Aspartame-based (equal);
    • Sucralose-based (splenda);
    • Saccharine-based (sweet n low); and
    • Others.
  19. Added a question on sports drinks (Gatorade, PowerAde, propel, accelerade, and vitamin water,).
  20. Added a question on water with the following categories:
    • Tap water;
    • Bottled water, unsweetened (including carbonated); and
    • Bottled water, sweetened with low or no calorie sweetener (including carbonated).
  21. Fat free, low fat and regular cookies or brownies are combined into one category.
  22. Low fat and regular muffins and dessert breads are one category.
  23. Low fat and regular cakes are in one category.

Supplement Changes

  1. Eliminated fiber supplement questions.
  2. Added prenatal vitamins to the list of multivitamins.
  3. Added a full single supplement question about antacids.
  4. Eliminated a full single supplement question for beta-carotene.
  5. Eliminated a full single supplement question for vitamin A.
  6. For calcium, included questions about inclusion of vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc.
  7. Added a full supplement question for iron.
  8. Updated final two supplement question lists to include:
    • B12;
    • Beta carotene;
    • Magnesium;
    • Occu-vite/Eye health;
    • Potassium;
    • Vitamin A;
    • Vitamin D;
    • Chondroitin;
    • Energy supplements;
    • Flaxseed/oil;
    • Ginseng;
    • Glucosamine/chondroitin;
    • Peppermint;
    • Probiotics;
    • Soy supplement; and
    • Sports supplement.
  9. Updated final two supplement questions lists to exclude:
    • Brewers yeast;
    • Cod liver oil;
    • Hydroxytryptophan;
    • Iron;
    • Niacin;
    • Aloe vera;
    • Astragalus;
    • Bilberry;
    • Cascara sagrada;
    • Cat's claw;
    • Cayenne;
    • Cranberry;
    • Dong Kuai;
    • Evening primrose oil;
    • Feverfew;
    • Ginseng (American or Asian);
    • Goldenseal;
    • Glucosamine;
    • Grapeseed extract;
    • Kava, kava;
    • Milk thistle;
    • Siberian ginseng; and
    • Valerian.

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013