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Diet History Questionnaire II: Database Utility Program

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the DHQ II, which is the latest version of the DHQ. You may want to see the original version of this information.

If you need to modify the standard nutrient database, a single nutrient value must be provided by gender and portion size. If you have modified the database to have fewer or greater demographic groups, nutrient values must be included for each group. For most users, creating nutrient values using the method described in Development of the DHQ II Nutrient & Food Group Database may not be possible. Therefore, the database for the DHQ provides a mean gram weight for each database food. This can be used in conjunction with a conventional nutrient value of units/100g to create new values to be modified or added to the DHQ.

The Database Utility, a separate program installed with Diet*Calc, allows you to import nutrient data into the Diet*Calc food database. The utility converts nutrient values expressed as nutrient per 100 grams into the nutrient per serving size format required by Diet*Calc. Once you download and install the Diet*Calc software, you can access both the Diet*Calc analysis and utility programs through the Windows Start menu.

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013