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Scanning Information: Optimum Solutions Corp

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the DHQ II, which is the latest version of the DHQ. You may want to see the original version of this information.

Optimum Solutions Corp. (OSC)External Web Site Policy provides scanning services to capture data from the Diet History Questionnaire II (DHQ II) used in the US (not available for C-DHQ II), using their proprietary patented FAQSS (Fast, Accurate, Questionnaire Scanning System) software.

Codebook and QDD files are available on our Paper-based DHQ II Forms page.

Requirements & Costs

Order DHQ II Forms from OSC

Note: The forms must be ordered through OSC or they will not be processed. Photocopies cannot be accepted.

To order DHQ II forms from OSC, download and fill out the OSC order form available below. You may print the completed form and fax it to Susan Steinbach at 516-247-5301, or in the case of the MS Word version, you may save the completed form and e-mail the attachment to Call Susan Steinbach at 516-247-5316 with any questions.

Download the OSC Order Form: [WordIcon indicating linked file is archived content] [PDFIcon indicating linked file is archived content]

Costs per form are:

DHQ II PastYear and DHQ II PastMonth

  • $3.25 for <500 forms
  • $2.75 for >500 forms

DHQ II PastYear NoPortion and DHQ II PastMonth NoPortion

  • $2.25 for <500 forms
  • $1.75 for >500 forms

The forms will be mailed UPS ground unless otherwise instructed. An invoice will be mailed after shipping and will include the shipping costs. Payments must be rendered via check.

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Mail the Completed Forms to OSC

Package all completed DHQ II forms in a box without folding the questionnaires. Please send batches of at least 100 forms. If you administered less than 100 forms, please receipt all forms before sending to OSC and notify OSC that the batch represents the total number of forms for the study. Ship to the address below:

Optimum Solutions Corp.
170 Earle Avenue, 2nd floor
Lynbrook, NY 11563
ATTN: Susan Steinbach

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Scanning the Questionnaire

  1. To contract with Optimum Solutions Corp. (OSC) to scan the completed DHQ II forms, please notify Susan Steinbach at least 2 weeks before sending the questionnaires. Provide the:
    • approximate number of questionnaires to be scanned; and
    • date they will be sent.
  2. A cost proposal will be prepared for your signature based on estimated quantity, BRM usage, modification to template, etc.
  3. Mail the completed forms to OSC.
  4. The estimated data delivery date will be provided to you upon receipt of documents. Turnaround time is typically 5-10 business days.
  5. You will be billed after the questionnaires have been scanned and the data delivered. Projects with a duration of 30 days or more may have interim invoicing.
  6. A $500 minimum will be billed for all orders. This will cover the cost of scanning 256 DHQ II PastYear NoPortion and/or DHQ II PastMonth NoPortion forms, or 222 DHQ II PastYear and/or DHQ II PastMonth forms. Each additional scanned form will cost $2.25 per DHQ II PastYear and DHQ II PastMonth form or $1.95 per DHQ II PastYear NoPortion and DHQ II PastMonth NoPortion form. Taxes are charged to all NY State clients.
  7. Studies will remain open for a maximum of 90 days after the receipt of first batch of surveys. If your study continues past this point, OSC will invoice a minimum of $500 after 90 days.

Payments to OSC must be rendered via check.

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Modify the Questionnaire

Changes to the DHQ II will require a modification to the OSC scanning template. This modification will incur additional charges. For changes, please follow the procedures below.

  1. Send an electronic version of the revised DHQ II (using sample questionnaire files) and a list of the changes made to the original DHQ II to Susan Steinbach,
  2. Charges for template modification will range from $25 to $250, depending on the extent of changes. For example if the changes are added at the beginning of the questionnaire, more pages will need to be changed, thus incurring more cost.
  3. Susan Steinbach will review the changes and send you an estimated proposal.
  4. It will take approximately 5 days to finalize the modified template which includes testing of live surveys.
  5. You will be billed as detailed in step 2.

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Last Modified: 09 Jul 2014