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Diet History Questionnaire II: Web-based DHQ

Alternate Version Available

You are viewing the Web site for the DHQ II, which is the latest version of the DHQ. You may want to see the original version of this information.

The Web-based versions of DHQ II are identical in content to the four paper forms. By automating the DHQ II and providing all four versions on the Web for public use, researchers have another tool to collect and analyze food frequency questionnaire data. DHQ*Web takes advantage of what automated and electronic questionnaires are able to do -- respondents follow automated skip patterns, are queried to complete all questions before proceeding to the next, navigate within the instrument to correct or modify responses, and can log in at any time to complete the questionnaire, starting where they left off. DHQ*Web provides efficiency with respect to data quality because respondents cannot complete the questionnaire with missing or inconsistent responses. The data from DHQ*Web can be analyzed using our Diet*Calc software.

NCI has not conducted a formal large validation study of the web-based DHQ II. Researchers will have to rely on our past research for the paper version as a measure of validation. Beasley et al. (Public Health Nutrition 2008;12:651-59) however, conducted a study comparing responses of the Web versus paper versions of DHQ I and found few differences. The first version of the DHQ*Web underwent two rounds of usability testing in which the look and flow were modified and refined based on respondents' experience and suggestions. In general, respondents were easily able to complete the instrument and it appears from our small usability study samples that DHQ*Web can be completed in less time than the paper-and-pencil version.

You may view a demonstration of DHQ*Web; the only version available for demonstration is the version that queries the past year with portion size.

If you are interested in using any of the four versions of DHQ*Web you can do so by submitting a request for a study and you will receive a confirmation that it has been received. You will hear from a staff member within two weeks following your request. If for some reason you do not hear from our staff, please contact us at

Last Modified: 03 Feb 2014