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Instructions on Using the Register of Validated Short Dietary Assessment Instruments

By default, the Register of Validated Short Dietary Assessment Instruments page displays all instruments in our database. If you are only interested in certain kinds of instruments, you can use the filtering controls to narrow the scope of the list.

It's not necessary to enter a choice in every category. If you're not interested in a certain category, keep its default setting.

The Dietary factors, Questionnaire format, Reference tools, and Race/ethnicity of study population fields are multiple-choice. Instruments will be included in your results if they match at least one of the options you select. The "Other" option matches any instruments that wouldn't match one of the preceding options.

Note: In the case of Dietary factors and Reference tools, a single instrument might match more than one option. Furthermore, an instrument may list more than one reference tool, in which case each tool will be matched separately against the selected options.

The rest of the fields are single-choice. When you choose one of the "Any …" options, that field will be ignored when filtering the list of instruments.

Note: Setting Gender of study population to "Male" or "Female" will return instruments whose validation studies included only that gender. Instruments whose studies included both genders will not be returned (to see those, choose "Either or both").

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013