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Usual Dietary Intakes: Analytic Datasets for SAS Macros

Analytic Dataset 1

This dataset is used for examples 1-3 for the analysis of a single dietary component and for examples 1-4 for estimating ratios of two dietary components.

There are two versions of the dataset for examples 1-3 available, depending on which version of SAS you are using -- version 8 or version 9.

Either file, once unzipped, will have the exact same name that is used in the examples.

If the version 8 or version 9 SAS files do not work on your SAS platform, use the following SAS transport file.

The transport file can be imported using the following code.

libname  lib   'SAS-data-library';
filename trans 'transport-file'

proc cimport data=lib.t_0104nc_may7 infile=trans;

Analytic Dataset 2

This dataset is used for example 4 for the analysis of a single dietary component.

The transport file works with both versions 8 and 9 of SAS.

Once unzipped, this transport file is imported directly by the example program.

Last Modified: 18 Oct 2013