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SEER-Medicare Workshop Covers Data Acquisition & Methodologic Approaches

A SEER-Medicare Data Training Workshop, held on April 25-26, 2013 in Rockville, MD, gave overviews of the Medicare Program/data, SEER data, and linked SEER-Medicare data, including how to obtain it, and provider data. It also had segments devoted to: measurement considerations for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, outcomes, and costs of care; Part D data; screening/surveillance; comorbidity and risk adjustment; and how to create a cohort. Drs. Joan Warren, Beth Virnig (University of Minnesota), and Lindsey Enewold led the planning of the workshop. To view the archived workshop, visit, type "SEER-Medicare" into the Search box in upper right, and click on the third and fourth links.

Last Modified: 31 Dec 2013