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Monograph Highlights Comparative Studies of Cancer Care, Costs, & Outcomes

The Applied Research Program (ARP) and Surveillance Research Program (SRP) are pleased to announce the publication of Comparing Cancer Care and Economic Outcomes Across Health Systems: Challenges and Opportunities in Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs (No. 46: Aug 2013).

Measuring and projecting the economic burden associated with cancer and identifying effective policies for minimizing its impact are increasingly important issues for health care policy makers and health care systems at multiple levels. The tremendous diversity in health care delivery, expenditures, and cancer outcomes -- both internationally and regionally -- suggests that comparative studies between health care systems and/or countries might inform evaluation, development, or modification of policies related to cancer screening, treatment, and programs of care delivery.

Written by experts from multiple disciplines at institutions in the US, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands, the papers highlight the many benefits of comparing patterns of cancer care, costs, and outcomes across health systems, within a single country or across countries. A September 2010 workshop was the basis for initiating the monograph.

A copy of the monograph may be ordered from the NCI Publications Locator. Please visit ARP's Web site for more information about economics of cancer research and resources.

Last Modified: 31 Dec 2013