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Table 15. Estimated Regression Coefficients for Sum of Foods Predicting Cube Root Teaspoons of Added Sugars Not Including Cereals, by Age Group & Sex

For MyPyramid teaspoons of added sugars not including cereals, estimation of b0 and b1, the model is:

E ([Dietary Factor]1/3) = b0+ b1([NFG1P1+ NFG2P2+ ...+ NFG7P7]1/3)

For MyPyramid teaspoons of added sugars not including cereals, for each age group and sex, the estimates of the parameters are:

Parameter Boys/Men Girls/Women
Intercept (b0) 1.235692 1.178198
b1 0.656940 0.640204
Intercept (b0) 1.067886 1.029347
b1 0.712746 0.688867
Children Only
Intercept (b0) 1.264097 1.251062
b1 0.641369 0.610546
Adolescents Only
Intercept (b0) 1.314717 1.076452
b1 0.634545 0.684974

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014