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Walking & Bicycling Related Items from Physical Activity Questionnaires

Note: brief instructions for filling out items are included for some of the questionnaires. This list of walking/bicycling items taken from various PAQs maintains the same question number and general format used in the original questionnaire. The source for the items is listed beneath the questionnaire title.

  1. Ainsworth New Physical Activity Questionniare and Physical Activity Log
  2. Allied Dunbar Survey of Activity and Health
  3. Arizona Activity Frequency Questionnaire
  4. Auckland Heart Study (AHS) Physical Activity Questionnaire
  5. Baecke Physical Activity Questionnaire
  6. Modified Baecke Questionnaire For Older Adults
  7. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Historical Questions
  8. Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project (BCDDP)
  9. Campbell Survey on Well-being in Canada PA Monitor
  10. Canada Fitness Survey Questionniare
  11. Cardia Seven-day Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire - Form 19
  12. Cardia Physical Activity Questionnaire - Form 18
  13. Cardia VI Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire - Form 18R
  14. Central Sweden Physical Activity Questionnaire
  15. CHAMPS Activities Questionnaire for Older Adults
  16. EPIC Physical Activity Questions
  17. EPIC-Norfolk Physical Activity Questionnaire
  18. The Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer Study
  19. Framingham Study - Physical Activity Questions
  20. Godin Leisure-time Exercise Questionnaire
  21. Green Script Study (GSS) Physical Activity Questionnaire
  22. Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Supplement to the NNHI Survey
  23. Health Insurance Plan of New York City Activity Questionnaire
  24. Historical Leisure Activity Questionnaire
  25. Historical Physical Activity Survey - 1988
  26. International Physical Activity Questionnaire (Long, Self-administered)
  27. International Physical Activity Questionnaire (Short, Telephone)
  28. International Physical Activity Questionnaire (Short, Self-administered)
  29. International Physical Activity Questionnaire (Long, Telephone)
  30. Kaiser Physical Activity Survey
  31. KIHD Seven-day Physical Activity Questionnaire
  32. KIHD 12-Month Leisure-time Physical Activity History
  33. KIHD 24-hour Total Physical Activity Record
  34. KIHD Occupational Physical Activity Interview
  35. Lifetime Physical Activity Questionnaire
  36. The Lipid Research Clinics Physical Activity Questionnaire
  37. Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) Physical Activity Questionnaire (LAPAQ)
  38. Minnesota Leisure-time Physical Activity Questionnaire
  39. Modifiable Activity Questionnaire
  40. The Modifiable Activity Questionnaire/Pima Indian
  41. The Monica Optional Study of Physical Activity (MOSPA)
  42. 2002 National Health Interview Survey (Revised October 23, 2003)
  43. 2001 National Health Interview Survey (Revised October 23, 2003)
  44. 1999 National Health Interview Survey
  45. 1997 National Health Interview Survey
  46. 1991 National Health Interview Survey
  47. NHANES Physical Activity and Physical Fitness PAQ-SP 12-15 Version 12/9/98
  48. NHANES Survey I And II
  50. 2002 National Survey of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Attitudes and Behaviors
  51. Nurses Health Study II Activity and Inactivity Questionnaire
  52. One-Page Questionnaire of Physical Activity - Vitamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) Study
  53. Paffenbarger Physical Activity Questionnaire (College Alumnus Questionnaire)
  54. Perceived Functional Ability (PFA) Questionnaire/Physical Activity Rating (PA-R) Questionnaire
  55. Physical Activity Rating (PA-R) Questions
  56. Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE)
  57. Physical Activity Scale
  58. Postmenopausal Osteopenia PAQ
  59. Physical Activity Recall - Suzuki
  60. Quantitative Physical Activity Recall Questions - Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study - 1982 and Baseline
  61. Single Item 5-Point Rating of Usual Physical Activity
  62. Seven-day Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire - Kolonel and Henderson
  63. Seven-day Physical Activity Recall (PAR) - Used in Five City Project
  64. The Short Questionnaire to Assess Health - Enhancing Physical Activity (SQUASH)
  65. Stanford Usual Physical Activity Questionnaire
  66. Stockholm Public Health Questionnaire
  67. Techumseh Occupational Physical Activity Questionnaire
  68. Walking Adherence Questionnaire
  69. Wise Study (NHLBI) Postmenopausal Estrogen/Progesterone Intervention Activity Questionnaire (PEPI-Q)
  70. Yale Physical Activity Survey for Older Adults
  71. Zutphen Physical Activity Questionnaire
  72. Active Australia Survey: Physical Activity Survey: From the National Physical Activity Survey
  73. Black Women's Health Study Survey Questions Through 2007
  74. The Brunel Lifestyle Physical Activity Questionnaire
  75. California Health Interview Survey 2005
  76. Fels Physical Activity Questionnaire for Children
  77. Flemish Physical Activity Computerized Questionnaire
  78. Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ)
  79. Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) and Office in Motion Questionnaire (OIMQ)
  80. Lagerros Usual Daily Physical Activity Instrument
  81. Late-Life Function and Disability Instrument (LLFDI) Questionnaire Items
  82. The Leisure Time Physical Activity Instrument (LTPAI)
  83. Multi-Dimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire (R791-NP2)
  84. New Zealand Physical Activity Questionnaire - Long Form (NZPAQ-LF)
  85. New Zealand Physical Activity Questionnaire - Short Form (NZPAQ-SF)
  86. NHANES 2005 Physical Activity and Physical Fitness - PAQ
  87. 2001 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) Questionnaire
  88. National Health Interview Survey, Physical Activity Items (NHIS) 2006
  89. Occupational Physical Activity Questionnaire (OPAQ)
  90. Past Year Total Physical Activity Questionnaire (PYTPAQ)
  91. The Physical Activity at Home and Work Instrument - PAHWI
  92. The Physical Activity Questionnaire for Elderly Japanese (PAQ-EJ)
  93. Physical Activity Recall Instrument
  94. Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity
  95. Seven Day Physical Activity Recall (PAR)
  96. School Health Action, Planning and Evaluation System (SHAPES) Physical Activity Questionnaire
  97. Short Retrospective Physical Activity Questionnaire
  98. Single Question Physical Activity Questionnaire
  99. Stanford Brief Activity Survey of on-the-job Activity and Stanford Brief Activity Survey of Leisure-Time Activity
  100. Telephone Assessment of Physical Activity (TAPA) Questionnaire for Older Adults
  101. Two Question Physical Activity Assessment
  102. Three Question Physical Activity Assessment
  103. Women's Health Initiative Physical Activity Questions
  104. Active Australia Physical Activity Survey (AAS)
  105. Australian Women's Activity Survey
  106. Arab Teens Lifestyle Study (ATLS) Questionnaire
  107. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire- 2011
  108. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire-2009 and 2010
  109. California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) 2009 Adult Questionnaire
  110. Neighborhood Physical Activity Questionnaire (NPAQ)
  111. NHANES Physical Activity Questionnaire 2009-2010
  112. National Health Interview Survey- Adult Physical Activity Questions 2010 NHIS Sample Adult Cancer Supplement (18 years and over)
  113. Occupational Sitting and Physical Activity Questionnaire (OSPAQ)

PAQ Reference List

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014