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ModeSurvey NameQuestion #Brief DescriptionScreenerIntervalUnit of ActivityDuration of ActivityDistance UnitsPurposeUsed as transport to/from:Survey has Log or DiaryInternational / DomesticComments
WalkHistorical Leisure Activity Questionnaire2aHistorical Activities;Number of years walking for exercise (see Age periods) LifetimeYears  Exer.  DTime and Age Periods:Yrs; Mo/yr; Hrs/Wk Ages: 12-18; 19-34; 35-49; >50
WalkHistorical PA Survey4bActivities you participated in with any regularity: number of years walking for exercise? (at various age periods) LifetimeYears  Exer.  DTime and Age Periods:Yrs; Mo/yr; Hrs/mo Ages: 14-21; 23-34; 35-50; 50+
WalkLifetime PAQ1aActivities you have participated in more than 10 times in a lifetime: Have you participated in walking for exerciseY/NLifetime   Exer.  DOver various Age Periods:Yrs; Mo/yr; Hrs/wk Ages: 51-65; 35-50; 22-34; onset of menstruation-21
WalkModifiable Activity Questionnaire/Pima Indian3aActivity Survey-Leisure Activity: Number of years per age period (12-18) (19-34)(35-49(>50) you walked. LifetimeYears  Lei.  ITime and Age Periods:Yrs; Mo/yr; Ages: 12-18; 19-34; 35-49, >50; Past Year Past Week
WalkThree Question Physical Activity Assessment2How many times a week do you usually do 30 minutes or more walking? (e.g. walking from place to place for exercise, leisure or recreation)? Week/MonthTimes     I 
WalkBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire - 201110.3How many times per week or per month did you take part in this activity during the past month? Week/MonthTimes  All  D 

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014