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ModeSurvey NameQuestion #Brief DescriptionScreenerIntervalUnit of ActivityDuration of ActivityDistance UnitsPurposeUsed as transport to/from:Survey has Log or DiaryInternational / DomesticComments
WalkAllied Dunbar Survey of Activity and Health10dHow long did you spend walking on the most recent occasion you did a walk of 2 miles or more? Most Recent Hr./Min.Miles   I 
WalkArizona Activity Frequency Questionnairea3How much time did you spend on this activity each time (on average): walking upstairs or using a stair climber? Occasion Min. Exer.  D 
WalkArizona Activity Frequency Questionnaireb3How much time did you spend on this activity each time (on average): walking (include on a treadmill and walking to the store)? Occasion Min. Lei./Trans.Store D 
WalkArizona Activity Frequency Questionnaired3How much time did you spend on this activity each time (on average): hiking? Occasion Min. Lei./Exer.  D 
WalkCampbell Survey on Well-Being in Canada PA MonitorcAverage time per occasion you have (walked for exercise)? Occasion Hr./Min. Exer.  I 
WalkCANADA Fitness Survey Questionnaire4cActivities in the past year: Walking for exercise / Average # of minutes spent on each occasion. Occasion Min. Exer.  I 
WalkEPIC-NORFOLK PAQC2Recreation: Average time per episode you did the activity in the last 12 months: walking for pleasure? Occasion Hr./Min. Lei.  I 
WalkLongitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) PAQ4How long do you usually walk each time? Occasion Hr./Min. Trans.Shopping/Activities I 
WalkMinnesota Leisure-Time PAQA1dAmount of time per occasion: Walk for pleasure? Occasion Hr./Min. Lei.  D 
WalkMinnesota Leisure-Time PAQA2dAmount of time per occasion: Walk to work? Occasion Hr./Min. Trans.Work D 
WalkMinnesota Leisure-Time PAQA3dAmount of time per occasion: Walk during work breaks? Occasion Hr./Min. Lei./Exer.  D 
WalkMinnesota Leisure-Time PAQB4Amount of time per occasion: jog/walk combination? Occasion Hr./Min. Exer.  D 
WalkModifiable Activity Questionnaire2a4Average number of minutes each time: walking for exercise? Occasion Min. Exer.  I 
WalkNational Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 19912a1cOn average, about how many minutes did you actually spend walking for exercise each time? Occasion Min. Exer.  D 
WalkNHANES PA and Physical Fitness PAQ (version 1998)PAQ300_42Vigorous Activity: Over the past 30 days, on average how long did you walk each time?  Occasion Hr./Min. Exer.  D 
WalkNHANES PA and Physical Fitness PAQ (version 1998)PAQ420_42Moderate Activity: Over the past 30 days, on average how long did you walk each time?  Occasion Hr./Min. Lei./Exer.  D 
Walk2002 National Survey of Pedestrian & Bicyclist Attitudes & Behaviors (NSPBAB)57&61xWhat time did you begin this (walking) trip/About what time did you get to your destination? Most Recent Hr./Min.    DMiscellaneous Information
WalkOne-Page Questionnaire of Physical Activity - Vitamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) Study15dWhen you walk for exercise: what is your usual pace (minutes)? Occasion Min. Exer.  DCasual:each mile=30+ min / Moderate: ech mile =20-29 min / Fast: each mile= <19 min
WalkQuantitative PA Recall Questions - Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study1dFor walking, the average duration per workout? Occasion Hr./Min.    D 
WalkWalking Adherence Questionaire2The walking routine that I try to complete consists of walking: (# minutes) Occasion Min.   Y  
WalkYale PA Survey for Older Adults3bWhen you did walk for how many minutes did you do it? Occasion Min.    D 

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014