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Validation Studies of the Quantitative physical activity recall questions (QPAR)-Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study-1982 and baseline

Oliveria et al. 1996

See reference #63

Relationship between PA levels (created from weekly energy expenditure from QPAR) and Maximal exercise treadmill time (correlation coefficients)
7579 predomin-antly white, married, college-educated men; 20-80 years of age
Summary Results
Baseline PA levels 0.41
Follow-up PA levels in 1982 0.32

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Kohl et al. 1988

See reference #64

Relationship between QPAR questions and treadmill time (Pearson correlations)
375 males; mean age = 47 years
Summary Results
Bicycling 0.06 p=0.77
Runners, walkers and joggers
-Miles per workout 0.35 p < 0.01
-Workouts per week 0.29 p < 0.01
-Average time per mile -0.39 p < 0.01

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Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014