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Validation Studies of the Brunel lifestyle physical activity questionnaire

Karageorghis et al. 2005

See reference #89

Panel of experts established the importance of each item to the measurement
of the intended construct by rating the refined item pool and rewording/
deleting/adding items as necessary. (Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) used to calculate factor loadings for Planned physical activity PPA and unplanned physical activity UPA.
22 men (mean
age 34 years) and 14 women (mean age 32 years) in expert panel 2 (final panel)
Summary Results
Variable Factor loading
Times per week on PPA 0.77 -
Duration of PPA at this weekly rate 0.82 -
Duration per session of PPA 0.88 -
Total time engaged in PPA 0.91 -
Duration of persistence in PPA 0.69 -
Intensity of PPA 0.76 -
Duration of UPA - 0.84
Intensity of UPA - 0.74
Physical demand of job/daily activities - 0.76
Eigenvalue 4.03 1.79
% of variance explained 44.75 19.86
Cumulative % of variance explained 44.75 64.60

Summary Legend:
PPA = Planned physical activity
UPA = Unplanned physical activity

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014