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Validation Studies of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ)

Au et al. 2010

See reference #117

Relation between the GPAQ total physical activity variables in workers with stable and unstable work weeks, and IPAQ variables, steps per day from 7 consecutive days of pedometer recordings, and MET hours per week from 7 consecutive days of physical activity (PA) log recordings (Spearman correlation coefficient)
124 Men and 127 women from 3 rural and 3 urban communities; 25-64 years of age
Summary Results
Correlations between four measures of total physical activity
  GPAQ-Stable work
r (num)
GPAQ-Unstable work
r (num)
IPAQ 0.32 (95) 0.37 (26)
Steps/day 0.42 (80) 0.22 (21)
PA log (MET ≥ 3) 0.51 (95) 0.19 (26)
IPAQ 0.41 (51) −0.01 (67)
Steps/day 0.33 (46) 0.16 (70)
PA log (MET ≥ 3) −0.03 (53) −0.08 (71)

Last Modified: 11 Apr 2014