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Accessing the Pyramid Servings Database for NHANES III

There are 2 versions of the database. Both provide servings, per 100 gm of the food code, from each of the major and minor food groups of the Food Guide Pyramid.

  • The complete database contains the 4542 foods reported in NHANES III by persons ages two and older, who supplied complete and reliable 24-hour recalls (see documentation page). This is a text file that can be printed or incorporated into a software package for analysis (view the file descriptionIcon indicating linked file is archived content).

    Search the Database can be used to select specific foods and pyramid servings variables from the NHANES III database.

    Two SAS programs are provided. Create PSDB will create a SAS dataset from the complete PSDB in CSV format. Merge PSDB will merge the PSDB SAS dataset with other files in NHANES III to calculate Pyramid Servings for NHANES III participants, ages two and older, who supplied complete and reliable 24-hour dietary results.

  • The NHANES III subset database contains only the 801 codes in NHANES III without one-to-one matches in CSFII, and uses the multiple-records-per-food-code format that corresponds to the CSFII Pyramid Servings Database (PSDB). If preferred, this file can be combined with the CSFII PSDB to obtain Pyramid servings for the 4542 NHANES III foods.

The CSFII PSDB is available on CD-ROM:

US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 1998. 1994-96 Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals and 1994-96 Diet and Health Knowledge Survey. CD-ROM.

You may order the CD from the National Technical Information Service (Search for Products). Search for Accession Number "PB98-500457" (include the quotes in your search).

Last Modified: 03 Sep 2013