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The Applied Research Program Web site is no longer maintained. ARP's former staff have moved to the new Healthcare Delivery Research Program, the Behavioral Research Program, or the Epidemiology & Genomics Research Program, and the content from this Web site is being moved to one of those sites as appropriate. Please update your links and bookmarks!

New, Updated, & Modified Files

Date Type of Change Description of Change
June 2015 New The data from the May 2010 - May 2011 TUS-CPS Cohort became available.
April 2013 Updated The program for creating a SAS dataset was updated to utilize the May 2010, August 2010, and January 2011 data.
April 2013 New The data from the January 2011 TUS-CPS became available.
March 2013 New The results from the 2010-11 TUS-CPS became available.
January 2013 New The data from the August 2010 TUS-CPS became available.
June 2012 New The data from the May 2010 TUS-CPS became available.
February 2012 New The 2010-11 TUS-CPS questionnaire became available.
October 2011 New Programs for creating SAS datasets from the text files of the survey data were made available.
February 2011 Updated Completed adding presentation files from the 2009 TUS-CPS Users' Workshop.
March 2008 Updated The list of publications using TUS-CPS data was converted to a searchable database.
October 2006 Modified The race categories used in the 2003 survey findings tables were changed.

Last Modified: 10 Aug 2015